Nukkad Pathshala is a free after-school learning center set up in 'nukkads' of villages across India for students in KG-10th standard. Our aim is to provide quality education at every doorstep by developing foundational Math, Science and English skills in our students.

Nukkad Pathshala was formed in 2014, with a mission to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio in India. While many reasons for the drop in enrollment ratio are beyond intervention, we aspire to instill in our students, a strong passion to learn.

Thus, Nukkad Pathshala was formed with an aim to supplement school education with a focus on skills that form the building blocks to advanced and complex concepts. Our supplemental classes help students become confident and encourage them to continue schooling.

The ‘Nukkad’ Way

Our Classes are run by the local village teacher, from Monday through Saturday. In the (daily) two hours spent at our pathshala, students are able to clarify school doubts and strengthen their foundational knowledge, which results in better understanding and application while learning more complex theories.

We have recently launched an Online Mentorship Program in 5 of our pathshalas. Our program aims at helping our students become fluent readers and speakers of the English language. These sessions are carried out by volunteers across the country, from different professional backgrounds. At present, we have 41 centers with 1,500+ students.

Nukkad Pathshala is a CSR initiative fully funded by New Opportunity Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. To know more about our business, visit

The ‘Nukkad’ Imprints

Nukkad Pathshalas are not just the knowledge centers imparting education to the underprivileged but also the wings that let their dreams fly high. The smiles and happiness that are spread along the way is what makes this worthwhile.