For every 100 students who enter primary school in India, only 25 graduate from college. While many reasons for these drastic numbers accrue to financial shortcomings, gender disparity, and socio-cultural barriers, a lot of students drop out simply because they are unable to cope with the pace of our education system.

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Note: GER is the number of students enrolled in a given level of education, as a percentage of the total population of that age. It can be greater than 100%, if the students from outside the official age group are also enrolled.
Source: Education Statistics at a Glance, AISHE

Percentage of Children in Government schools in
Std. V who can read Std. ll level text, 2008-2018
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A study by ASER (Annual Status of Education Report, 2018) shows glaring figures. On average, only 44.2% of fifth-graders enrolled in government schools can read 2nd standard level text.

Percentage of Children in Government schools in
Std. V who do division, 2008-2018
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When it comes to Math, the results are even bleaker. The report states that only 22.7% of fifth graders are able to do basic division-a concept introduced in 2nd grade.

The Short Story

This goes to show that even though around 96% of the children in our country are enrolled in primary schools, the learning outcomes are dismal. To put it simply:

85% of the 1.3 million schools in India are in Villages
50% of rural children drop-out between class 5 & 7
56% of Class 5 children can’t read standard 2 Text
73% of Class 5 children can’t do a 2 digit Division